Homoeopath, CranioSacral Therapist & H/b Practitioner - Who am I?

Experienced, friendly local therapist, I first trained as a Homoeopath and have been in practice over 20 years, adding the gentle hands-on CranioSacral Therapy to my skills in 2003. Recent training means I am now able to offer the exciting range of HomeoBotanicals to support and balance the immune system.


Complementary Therapist - How Do I Work?

I work in an informal setting using a combination of a well chosen organic Homoeopathic remedy or HomeoBotanics blend and, where needed, the sensitive Cranial touch to support the inherent healing ability of the body to begin the release of stress on all levels and to promote wellbeing.


Nutritional Advice & Support

I have just successfully completed studying for my  Diploma in Nutrition through the School of Homoeopathy ( a 2 year course) so that I can provide information and support about the relationship between nutrition and health. I was finding that “it is possible to treat a condition only to find that the practitioner’s good work is being undone on a daily basis through poor nutrition". The food you eat has a direct relationship to how you think, feel and perform. It affects your level of energy in the day and how well you sleep at night.
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treating a client cranially

Clinic Settings - Where Can You Find Me?

With a range of clinic settings across Essex and into Suffolk, I offer appointments at times and days to suit my clients. I also teach Complementary Health classes at locations across the county. My love of teaching and sharing helps me thrive and learn. Pamper evenings, PTA activitities and Community Events can be booked, taster sessions arranged, invitations to attend talks and promotions are very welcome. . The Beth Chatto Gardens (Elmstead) is one of my favourite venues, stress drops away as soul soars !

About Cathy Brooks

My name is Cathy Brooks and I am a CranioSacral Therapist, Homoeopath and Doula (birth support partner). My interest in complementary therapies began long before the births of my own children. Introduced to this way of supporting my family’s health by my own NCT Yoga teacher, once trained I returned to her classes to give talks and offer support to the next generation.

Trained initially as a Homoepath I qualified in 1996 after four year training with The College of Homoeopathy, setting up a busy practice in North London. Wanting to deepen my knowledge and skills, I then joined Millennium Doulas and trained as a doula with them in 2000. Loving my birth work training, the natural progression was to then apply for and be accepted on the two year CranioSacral Therapy Training with CTET, a recognised and established practitioner course. I could not have asked for a better grounding in the skills, knowledge and strengths needed to take this work forward.

Busy now with a variety of projects which include working with disabilities, trauma and stress I now offer this unique blend of skills to a wide range of clients and look forward to the challenges and rewards that working in this way may bring.

Please call for a chat, more information or to book an appointment and see how your life can change.