Spring 2022 Newsletter: Building Resilience, the Future

RESILIANCE – The ability to withstand shock, suffering, disappointment etc (Chambers Dictionary) This Pandemic has left a legacy of Collective Trauma We have all been living under terrible conditions ‘where truth cannot be told’ (Bessel Van De Volk). Question to ourselves: Do we bend with the Trauma or do we break? Image of field of…

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February Up Date 2021 Complementary Therapy in Lock Down

Updates: I am looking forward not merely standing still. Recently I updated my Understanding and Awareness of Autism through Teams training with ACL Essex and, as the next module covers Risk Assessment, I signed up as this is so relevant for all of us during these challenging times. I undertake Risk Assessments when planning my…

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COVID AND LONG COVID – using Homoeopathy To Support Recovery

In early November, I joined a large group of Global Homoeopaths participating in a Long Covid Webinar. Eleven pages of notes and three hours later, we were all still on line. Posting and replying to questions were not only two Czech Homoeopaths but the group facilitator Carol Boyce. I duly typed up my notes into…

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Coming Up For Air – Re-starting my Clinics After 2nd Lock Down December 2020

HOLISTIC HEALTH Autumn 2020 Newsletter 9 Second Lock Down  Autumn 2020 trust the tide In accordance with Government Guidance, the CranioSacral Therapy Association and The Self Centre, I once again stopped being able to offer face to face hands on therapy appointments. My Regulatory Body made it clear that only appointments where medical need can…

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August Newsletter

HOLISTIC HEALTH Summer 2020 Newsletter 8 CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY IS BACK August 2020 trust the tide My Braiswick based home clinic has been open for two weeks. I now send a Covid Declaration form to be completed and returned pre-appointment. I can no longer provide blankets or a glass of water, so invite my clients to…

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HOLISTIC HEALTH  Summer 2020 CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY IS BACK From july 20th 2020 trust the tide Following Government Guidance relating to therapy centres being able to reopen from July 13th, I am pleased to announce that I can now take bookings from both my home clinic in Braiswick, CO4 5BB and at the Self Centre, Bury…

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Working Safely Within Covid 19 Guidance

Holistic Health Summer 2020 Covid Update June 2020   The welcome news is that businesses are beginning to open, the UK Government continues to send guidance for both clients and therapist’s safety and wellbeing. Both Regulating Bodies – the Society of Homoeopaths and the CranioSacral Therapy Association UK continue to work on ways to keep…

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Holistic Health SPRING 2020 COVID 19 UPDATE   Sadly, like many other complementary health therapists, I have been unable to offer my usual clinics and appointments to my Holistic Health clients. As a CranioSacral Therapist I have been taking guidance from my Registering Body, the CranioSacral Therapy Association who have been issuing monthly updates as…

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Spring 2020 Challenging Times

You are not alone! Holistic Health is here to support you, whilst I am unable to work Cranially as touch and contact is now limited, I am able to offer Homoeopathic Remedies and Botanicals Range to support health. I am posting updates to my Call In Service, extending the hours in order to remain accessible…

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adult male upper body and therapist's hands

Health & Welbeing Classes across East Anglia

ADULT COMMUNITY LEARNING ESSEX 2019 – 2020   • Saturday Workshops: – Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy – September in Chelmsford, November 2019 and May 2020 in Colchester • 4th July 2020- A Cranial Conversation – A workshop including a practical session to share and swap skills. An opportunity to initiate contact with mindful attention, develop…

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