Continuing Professional Development 2019



22 -24 March 2019

With the help of three wise women from around the world, we will explore many areas where Homoeopathy  has proven to work well from infertility and pregnancy to childbirth and breast feeding. With their shared wisdom there is plenty of support on offer for parents as well as Homoeopaths.

Topics on offer will cover reproductive and endocrine health issues especially those that impact fertility. There will be lectures from Karen Allen, an expert on reproductive health and infertility. She will be followed by Linda Gwillin, a Homoepath of over 30 years experience in the Birth Work field. Her busy practice in North Wales includes attending births either a home or the local hospital. She is the Clinical Director of the Welsh School of Homoeopathy and is a Fellow of the Society of Homoeopaths. Her work is inspirational and she has been at the forefront of many new remedies of the Matridomal range ie Vernix, Lac Humana, Umbilicus.

Patricia Hatherly (blogging under: Milk Matters) has been a Breastfeeding Councillor for over 40 years and it is this that informs her books The Homoeopathic Guide to Lactation and the Lacs. She will share her Materia Medica and Repertory with the conference adding a range of clinical cases to her Presentation.

Workshops topics include: Getting Pregnant – working with the couple to conceive. Staying Pregnant – getting through the rocky spots. Pregnancy Ponderings – exploring the wonderful ways in which Homoeopathy can be of use during pregnancy. Matridomal Musings – a collection of Birth Stories – Linda will be referencing her use of the Matridomal Remedies during this amazing transitionary process. Finally Patricia Hatherly will be discussing Human Milk – the White Gold of the Alchemist – the unique biochemical features of human milk and will relate them to Lac Humanum (the true universal remedy). She will finish the Conference with: Management of Common Breastfeeding Issues from a Clinical and Homoeopathic Perspective. This talk will be illustrated by a plethora of case studies.


We Homoeopaths will be joined by the La Leche League, Radical Midwives and Doula UK who will all be invited to present their work with the emphasis on the various ways of working together.

A Story Telling evening is planned: The Midwives of the Milky Way – did you know we live in a Galaxy formed from the breast milk of a Greek Goddess. The magic and mystery of getting and birthing children weaves through stories from Jewish Legend to Irish tales of midwives and fairy ointment. In a specially created performance we will visit a range of these sources, along with songs that celebrates the role of the Wise Women in creating and nurturing life.

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