COVID AND LONG COVID – using Homoeopathy To Support Recovery

In early November, I joined a large group of Global Homoeopaths participating in a Long Covid Webinar. Eleven pages of notes and three hours later, we were all still on line. Posting and replying to questions were not only two Czech Homoeopaths but the group facilitator Carol Boyce.

I duly typed up my notes into a word document and eagerly awaiting the next webinar. What was clear from this first on line forum was that there seemed to be two distinct patterns of ill health arising from, firstly a Spring contagion and then sadly the Second Wave, predicted for Autumn and arriving early in October.

Homoeopathy International Webinars

The first webinar yielded a wealth of information about an important nosode (remedies made from disease tissue) for the Autumn Covid and a newer proving of an unfamiliar remedy for the Spring Covid.

The themes also appeared to be global in their picture, the Earth itself reflecting back the chaos of global warming, out of control fires leaving an inability to breathe and a desire to escape.. A word document was prepared from these notes prior to the second Homoeopathy International Webinar in December.

This second Webinar featured the work of an Indian Homoeopath from Mumbai and the notes then included screen shots, webinar chat and some explanatory notes to accompany some of the concepts that may not be familiar to the lay reader.

Again a document was prepared using both the screen shots, power points and capturing the webinar chat as there was a lot of talk around remedies and again, nosodes being used to support recovery.

Global Intention

I began by putting out an invitation on my own Face Book Page and then posting to Friends of Homoeopathy in the hope of reaching a wider community of colleagues. It went Viral, Global reach to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and all of the United Kingdom.


I am not going to post the content here as the documents are length, wordy and  not for the uninitiated. One Homoeopath noted that these could not be used for his Homoeopathic First Aid Course!

Clients’ Experience

Please ask clients to log on to the ‘wecudos’ website, hosted by Phillipa Filbert. Designed to capture clients’ experience of using homoeopathy to support recovery from the effects of both Covid and Long Covid.

Copies available from:   Stay well, Stay safe and Happy New Year!



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