February Up Date 2021 Complementary Therapy in Lock Down

Updates: I am looking forward not merely standing still.

Recently I updated my Understanding and Awareness of Autism through Teams training with ACL Essex and, as the next module covers Risk Assessment, I signed up as this is so relevant for all of us during these challenging times.

I undertake Risk Assessments when planning my Complementary Therapy workshops, both CranioSacral Therapy teaching and the Homoeopathic workshops involve careful planning and each have elements of Risk to factor in. Whether this is in the form of checking ‘Does anyone have any allergies?’ when tasting the spices on offer during the Silk Road course or planning for the practical component of the CranioSacral Therapy Taster workshop when we access couches and share touch. Some in depth training will ensure that all workshops are conducted in a Safe Space. I’m looking forward to a return to Face-to-Face Teaching as soon as the Government gives the go ahead.

Meanwhile: after the extensive sharing of notes taken during three comprehensive webinars run by Homoeopathy International, they offered me a role as an Ambassador. I am unsure of what this will entail but have said YES! My offer to share went viral (no pun intended) and my notes have reached far and wide across the globe. Knowledge is key to supporting a return to health from Covid and the chronic Long Covid now having a devastating health impact. Happy to continue sharing: cranialcafb@gmail.com.

I am now turning my attention to immune responses and nutrition. I participated in the ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You webinar’ last night. Three well known Doctors, immunologists and other health providers disseminated a range of information and keynote nutritional advice which I am keen to share. Boosting health and our own immune response is vital to stop the spread of Covid. Adding Vit D, Vit C, Zinc and Magnesium in high doses whilst maintaining a good level of daily exercise and outdoor exposure, will go a long way to help protect us from the virus. Using Iodine to lessen transmission across shared spaces such as doorknobs, supermarket trolley handles and other areas where the virus can lurk has proved highly effective. My supply is on order from: Dr Sarah Myhill’s website where books on diet and nutrition can also be sourced. Stay well, Stay Warm, Stay Safe!

Homoeopathy and CranioSacral Therapy appointments on offer: I will be at the Self Centre, Bury St Edmunds in February, but limited opening times  means I am only able to offer a reduced number of appointments: I will return to Bury in the next three weeks if anyone is interested in booking a session there with me: Braiswick clinic is open during the week for face to face and remote sessions. Please email or call to book:

Holistic Health – Braiswick, CO4 5BB

www.cathybrooks.co.uk                               07713485110 / 01206 843 153              Cranialcafb@gmail.com

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