Homoeopathy for Adult Community Learning 0345 4787

Homoeopathy for Adult Community Learning 0345 4787

Adult Community Learning have confirmed the following classes will run:
7, 14, 21st June 6.30 – 9.30 pm either Stand Alone or Booked Together.

The Power of Plants – journey through the plant Materia Medica to explore the healing properties of our plant remedies. A homoeopathic journey of exploration.

The Poison Chalice – join me in exploring the dark side of Homoeopathy, plants that kill, plants that cure. It is a fine line between poisoning and minimum dose to stimulate healing.

Remedies of the Fabled Silk Road – looking at both the culinary uses and the homoeopathic preparations of exotic spices such as Nut Meg, Ginger and Cinnomon to name a few. Together we will sniff, taste and share a journey into the unknown.. China, India, Afghanistan.. here we come!

Booking Now ACL Essex, all at Wilson Marriage Centre, Colchester. 0345 485 4787
Half Term Taster Session to chat to me and learn about the wondrous Art and Science of Homoeopathy!
Cathryn Brooks RSHom, RCST

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