Spring 2020 Challenging Times

You are not alone!

Holistic Health is here to support you, whilst I am unable to work Cranially as touch and contact is now limited, I am able to offer Homoeopathic Remedies and Botanicals Range to support health.

I am posting updates to my Call In Service, extending the hours in order to remain accessible for longer.  Clients are invited to use text (07713485110), WhatsAp or Skype (Cranialcafb). Remedies and Botanical Blends can be made up and posted out as per normal however the Postal Service may take a little longer than normal for packages to reach you.

Phone In Schedule:

I’m offering 30-minute acute consultations Tuesday- Friday between 9.30 – 12.30 together with Wednesday & Thursday 4 – 6 pm.

Acute consultations are 30-minutes which should allow time for a full discussion re symptoms and any other health concerns whether mental, emotional or physical.

Costs: £25 including remedies, collected or posted.

Please book consultations online at: www.cathybrooks.co.uk or use 07713485110 for text/whatsapp messages.

Cathryn Brooks RSHom, H/b Practitioner

Holistic Healthcare



I also invite Mindfulness Practice into our of our lives:

Five Steps To Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing

Connect: Talk & Listen, Be There, Be Present, Feel Connected

In what new ways can you connect? either nurturing existing connections or making new ones

Action: How, When, Who With?

Be Active

Activity: Do What You Can, Enjoy What You Do? Move Your Mood

What small steps can you take to be more physically active? Given the limitations on our movements at present, could your activity involve space clearing, de-cluttering, gardening or an outdoor activity?

Action: What exactly will you do, when will you start?

Mindfulness: Take Notice, Remember The Simple Things That Give You Joy

What could you do to pause, connect to yourself and take notice of your environment, whether Indoors or Outdoors?

Action: What exactly will you do and when ?

Learning: Experience New Experiences, Meet Opportunities Head On, Surprise Yourself

What one new thing could you like to learn or improve?

Action: Are you on-line? Can you reach out via Webnars, Chat Rooms, Social Media Posts or add your services to local volunteer agencies?

Give: Your Time, Your Words, Your Presence

Action: What exactly could you do, for what or for whom?

A group of local teenagers have written a simple note inviting those socially isolating to get in touch with any support needs, shopping, getting prescriptions or walking your dog

A simple, heart felt way of reaching out. What can you offer?

(Compiled with the help of the Mental Health Team ACL Essex)


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