Working Safely Within Covid 19 Guidance

Holistic Health

Summer 2020

Covid Update June 2020


The welcome news is that businesses are beginning to open, the UK Government continues to send guidance for both clients and therapist’s safety and wellbeing.

Both Regulating Bodies – the Society of Homoeopaths and the CranioSacral Therapy Association UK continue to work on ways to keep therapy practices safe by advising on  enhanced hygiene procedures before, during and after client contact. I follow their guidance.

Many of my homoeopathy appointments have been either via telephone, WhatsAp or Skype, there may now be a need for face to face bookings. At present, I would like to offer these as home visits. Prior to this, I will send out a short questionnaire re exposure to Covid, any experience of having the disease and a client’s own factor of risk ie pre-existing serious health conditions, shielding someone vulnerable at home etc.I will also ask whether there has been a Covid test and, if so is there evidence of antibodies to the disease.

My aim now is to restart my CranioSacral Therapy Practice in the safest way possible.

I feel the best way to manage this disease within my Healthcare practice is for both myself and the client to wear a face mask. The wearing of gloves should not be necessary but there will be regular use of hand sanitiser before and after the consultation. I will bring a bottle of water  and endeavor not to use a client’s toilet facilities etc.

Cathryn Brooks RSHom, RCST

Homoeopath & CranioSacral Therapist








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